Share your Guru goals for the week + quick wins for increasing adoption!

  • 15 November 2021
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Hey everyone! If you’re looking to cure your case of the Mondays, you’re in the right place.



Every week we share what we’re looking to accomplish during the week. If you’re still re-calibrating from the weekend, we suggest some quick wins for you to tackle to help you reach your knowledge goals and maximize Guru. 


SHARE BELOW → What is one Guru goal you are hoping to accomplish this week? Chances are someone in the community is working towards the same thing!


QUICK WINS → Increase internal adoption of Guru!

On Thursday, 11am PST / 2pm EST, we’ll be diving into tips and tricks for increasing Guru adoption. RSVP to learn more and get examples from @kelly , Revenue Enablement Manager at Ceros, and @Sarah W , Internal Comms lead at You Need a Budget (YNAB). 


Until then, here are some easy ways you could reinforce Guru usage with your teams:

  • Film a quick video with your team depicting how to search and find information pre-Guru and post-Guru. Include humor and emoji.
  • Gamify Guru! Expand on these ideas to make behavior change fun. 
    • Content scavenger hunt: Ask users to find a specific tidbit of information in Guru. The user who comments on the Card with the answer(s) first gets a prize!
    • Easter Eggs: tuck a team-specific emoji or other fun icon into Cards you need users to read and instruct them to send you the Card link when they find it for a prize.
    • Memes: everyone loves a good meme. Use these Guru Memes and Gifs featuring originals by @Shona Fenner @Charles Derupe  and other community members in your Slack channels to lighten up the reminders to check Guru first ;)


Sign up for our upcoming Deep Dive on the topic here and drop your Guru adoption questions and insights in this thread!


More goals:

  • Improve your use of Guru for Product Enablement, Internal Comms, and Onboarding by reading these implementation guides
  • Start a conversation in the Guru community to get feedback on your current Guru initiatives!

4 replies

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@Senya Rahmil @Steve Tsuchiyama @Joe Bradshaw @James Penny @Dan Smith @Valerie Renda @Adrian Pogorzelski @Eric Cohen Welcome to the Guru Community! What Guru goals are top of mind for you this week? The Guru Community is here to support you :) 

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My Guru goal for the week: I just sent out emails to our Knowledge Council representatives that we’ve selected - so my goal for the week is to set up a kickoff call for our Knowledge Council and initial agenda items! 

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I’ve started teasing a “Knowledge Council” idea to a few likeminded coworkers in other departments/functions… got two willing volunteers thus far. All while keeping a strong Lord of the Rings theme so we can allude to the Council of Elrond as much as possible. 

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Wow @Valerie Renda and @Shona Fenner  I love to see the progress on knowledge councils!


Shona, of COURSE Petdesk’s would be branded :joy:  Who would turn down a position of being on the Council of Elrond?!


If you’re just popping into the thread and want to kick off your knowledge council like Valerie and Shona, use these Knowledge Council Charter and Knowledge Council Maintenance Checklist Card templates to kick off your knowledge council efforts and take a look at our recent Deep Dive on the topic: