Splash & Guru Best Practices

  • 18 August 2021
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Our team is looking to implement Splash for event management and employee experience. I’d love to start a conversation on how customers utilize Splash in a way that compliments and continues to protect Guru as our single source of truth. Any lessons learned/best practices? 

5 replies

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I saw on the website that Shopify is a valued customer of Splash and thought of you all in this space, too. @Jacob Touchette @Brennan Hickey - a little birdie (named @Matt Garren ) may have mentioned that you might bring something great to the conversation! Thanks in advance!

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Hey Taylor! Sorry to disappoint but I’m not familiar with Splash - it must be a tool used by another part of Shopify so I won’t be much help in this discussion. 

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Thanks, Jacob!!! All good!

Hey @Taylor Paschal ! I work at Splash and I’m a Guru user, I’d be happy to help.  Feel free to shoot me a DM so I can learn more and assist where needed.

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@Taylor Paschal I’m a Product Manager at Guru, but prior to joining Guru, spent 7 years on the Product team at Splash. This post definitely has my worlds colliding :-) 

Although I have full confidence that @Brennan Hickey can help you out here, I would also love to hear more about your use case and how you see the two platforms working together.