Struggling to engage teams around Guru? Use these 3 Guru Features!

  • 23 November 2021
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Hey everyone! Is your team using Guru across teams or company-wide? If so, what challenges have you come up against as you build engagement? What tips and tricks would you share for using Guru across teams or the entire company?

Sometimes when folks roll out Guru company-wide, it takes some intentional change management to make sure all teams see how Guru can benefit them within their workflows. If you're coming up against this challenge, here are 3 features you can utilize to encourage adoption across departments.

  1. Guru's Slack + MS Teams Integrations

    1. The ability to integrate Guru with chat tools such as Slack and MS Teams has been incredibly helpful when communicating across teams. Here at Guru, we use Guru + Slack to collaborate on ideas with other team members, and create and share Guru Cards without having to leave Slack. 

  2. Permissions

    1. Setting up your permissions is key when using Guru across teams or company wide. It’s important that each team has access to the correct knowledge they will need. We typically see folks creating Collections for their individual teams and assigning roles based on the team member’s contribution to the team. For example, someone who's acting as your subject matter expert and will be creating a ton of Cards should have Author access to the respective Collection. 

  3. Knowledge Alerts

    1. Knowledge Alerts are a great way to share updates across teams and/or across the entire organization. Here at Guru, we have a “Guru Knewsletter” that is shared out via a Knowledge Alert. This “Knewsletter” shares out both company-wide and team-specific information that’s relevant to the entire company. This is a great way to quickly share updates to a larger audience! 

Would love to hear how you all use Guru across your team - please feel free to thread any thoughts and ideas below!

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