User Drilldown for Verification: Does user get "credit" for verifying even if they aren't the current verifier?

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In the Analytics User Drilldown, I see X many card were verified by a user during a specified time. Does this only count verifications that are currently assigned to that user? Or, does it count any verification that was made within a timeframe regardless of who the current verifier is? 


For ex: An agent verifies a card, then an Admin goes in and fixes a typo thus claiming the most current verification. Does the agent still get credit in analytics for having verified the card? 


Thanks in advance, y’all! 

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@Reba Mitchell so sorry for the delay here! We’re looking into this now—would you be able to share the user name with us so we can investigate? Feel free to send in a private message or email if that’s better—this is expected to count the number of times the user takes the action of verifying, so it sounds like there might be a bug. 

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Hi Sydney! 


Thanks for looking into this! One example I’m seeing is in the month of June, we had a user named Lawrence who has definitely verified over 40 cards. The data says he has verified three cards, though. 


I can create a ticket with support if needed! Just let me know. Thanks! 

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Thanks Reba! The team has been investigating and we’re seeing 3 Cards on our end as well—would you mind filing a support ticket so we can get more details? If you could include some of the 40+ Cards that he verified, that would be great. 

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On it! Thanks again!