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  • 31 January 2022
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Hey everyone, hope you are having a great start to another week! What Guru goals are top of mind for you this week? Let’s support each other! :nerd: 


Share one Guru goal you are working towards below. Chances are someone in the community is working towards the same thing!


Guru Goals:


Drop your goals below, and let us know what questions you have!

4 replies

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We’re launching the first phase of our CS software, Totango at the end of the week.
Sooooooooo I am trying to create an absolutely exemplary Guru board full of introductory info, team training materials, project timeline, and basically EVERYTHING. It’ll come together, but there’s a weird amount of stress in creating this ecosystem in Guru… when I am also the Guru person around here ;) WISH ME LUCK! 

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GOOD LUCK @Shona Fenner ! :joy: You are the GOAT (greatest of all time) of that process! 


For some inspiration, my colleague Chelsea Valente recently rolled out Iterable for our lifecycle marketing efforts. She’s now on Phase 2 of implementation, but here is what her sections look like and how she documented scope/learnings of implementation phases: 


For anyone tackling a similar battle, take a look at these resources Shona shared back in the day: 


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@Shona Fenner Hey there! I was curious if you had worked with any syncs between Totango and Guru for your teams?

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@Lynn Miller Nope, nothing to sync… but we do have a number of Totango-related cards. That content is either training info and links to their videos/Creator Campus, or documentation for SuccessPlays and Email Campaigns that links to Canvas, but also lists out triggers and data dependencies at-a-glance.