What workshops and collaboration/networking would you like to see at Knowledge Fest?

  • 19 July 2022
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Knowledge Fest by Guru 2022 - a free two-day event uniting knowledge managers and thought leaders shaping the new world of work - is quickly approaching on Sept. 28-29! We’re in high gear confirming speakers and designing a stellar program of sessions, and would love your input...what types of workshops and community collaboration/networking opportunities would you find most valuable?

Workshops will be opportunities for you to meet in small groups and collaborate to solve common challenges — things like how to drive company-wide adoption of KM tools, content architecture dos and don'ts, how to create an internal newsletter that teams will love, etc.

  • What workshop topics would you love to see?
  • What types of folks are you most excited about connecting with?

Please share any and all feedback and ideas below! Copying in a few folks who expressed interest recently 😉 @Lindsey Hart @Ali Berman @Jose Paez @Valerie Renda @Nina Frank @Shona Fenner @Allanah Hughes @Laura Jolly @BethAnne Freund @Carolyn Reitter @Becci Howe

PS - if you haven’t signed up yet, register here for free and invite other folks in your networks!

7 replies

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Happy to provide my thoughts here!

  • What workshop topics would you love to see?
    • How to engage/work with your Knowledge Council
    • Ways to encourage a ‘Guru-first’ mentality for subject matter experts / leaders in the organization that are used to sharing knowledge in other ways
    • Best ways to encourage feature usage (like Announcements)
    • Auditing / keeping Guru maintained
  • What types of folks are you most excited about connecting with?
    • People who are passionate about Guru and knowledge-sharing, even if it’s not necessarily what their ‘job’ includes at their organization
    • People who are further along in their Guru journey than our organization currently is (about 10 months post-rollout)
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@Valerie Renda Great idea for “Best ways to encourage feature usage”, I’ll second that!

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  1. I enjoyed the EOY project y’all did last year (was that “12 Days of Guru”, or something like that?) because it gave me creative ways to use Guru’s reporting and analytics to tell a story. I’d love a session that grabs all those tips.
  2. Guide to re-organizing knowledge - some best practices or tips when a team/your org wants to organize/update/re-enliven Guru after using it for a few years. We did this once and it went pretty well, but part of the org will do it again later this year (probably) and I’m curious how others have rolled this type of project
  3. Effective tagging to best wrangle Guru search magic
  4. Smaller orgs using Guru - ex. I’d love to meet the other folks that admin Guru as a side-hustle to their “real” position or are trying to fully legitimize knowledge mgmt as a NEED and resourcing consideration. 


Love these ideas, thanks so much for sharing @Valerie Renda and @Shona Fenner! Would love to hear from more folks too - keep the ideas coming, it’s super helpful.

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@Shona Fenner Don’t mind me digging up and taking over a somewhat old post for my own purposes...but regarding your #2, we’re getting started on a project along those lines right now, after not doing a lot of deliberate, holistic maintenance of our Guru instance for a while. I wasn’t able to attend Knowledge Fest, so I don’t know whether this was discussed there after all—but either way, I’d definitely be interested in hearing more about how this went for your company the first time around, and whether there’s anything you found particularly valuable or issues you ran into. If you’d at all be open to writing a separate post on this, please tag me so I can follow along. Thank you! (And if you don’t want to, don’t have time, etc.—I totally get that! No pressure at all, of course.)

@BethAnne Freund this is a great topic! And we did not have a session that specifically covered this at Knowledge Fest. This discussion does feel very relevant though, as an initial phase of a potentially larger revamp project: 

Please feel free to start a new discussion on this topic or jump into the one above!

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@BethAnne Freund Whew! My best advice on knowledge cleanup as a project can be condensed into a few rules to ensure sanity:
1. Elect a Project Manager or perish
2. Keep your goals and milestones simple - ex. tags on all cards, all cards w/ views in last days and if no views merge with related content or archive, realistic verification cadences, specific verifier/SME who knows they’re accountable for this stuff, naming conventions used consistently. 
3. Don’t over architect the whole thing or youll get stuck 
4. Make sure all leaders of project know how their teams/audience searches for and uses the content
5. Always and forever, try to use fewer words to say more… length does not equal clarity