When do Guru card links open in new tabs?

  • 15 December 2023
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I’m struggling to figure out how this works. We have a lot of Guru card links in our cards, and sometimes when we click the links it opens as a little window on top of the card we’re currently on. But sometimes it opens as a completely new tab. Does anyone understand the rhyme or reason there? And if so, is there a way to set a preference?


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4 replies

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Hi @Leah Colatosti ! Thanks for this question. 

For the most part, the Chrome extension is "active" on every tab and will attempt to open the link to the Guru Card as a popover (instead of a new tab), with the exception of a few things:

  1. If the user has explicitly configured the extension to not be active on every tab

  2. If your IT department has limited Guru to be active only on certain websites

Would your preference be for the Card links to open as a popover instead of a new tab? 

To rule out these two things as causing interference here, can you please try right-clicking on the extension in Chrome and checking the "This can read and change site data" and letting me know if it says "on all sites" or "on <domain>" which matches the domain you are on?

If it says "when you click the extension" then this could explain the link opening Card behavior. Let me know what you find out! 

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Hi Devon - I checked the extension, and mine is set to On All Sites. 

I also want to clarify that I’m not talking about opening the cards from the extension, I mean when I’m in the Guru web app reading a card, and click a link to another card from that card. Does that make sense? We have a card that we leave open when certain events are being hosted, and that card has links to other cards in it. We want to be able to open those links as a popout window, rather than opening a whole new tab in Chrome. Thank you! 

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Hi @Leah Colatosti , yes, that makes sense! The behavior of a Card opening as a popout window is still dependent on having the Chrome extension configured to work on every tab, even if you’re in the Guru web app. 

Because you’re not seeing Cards consistently open as a popout window even after doing that troubleshooting step, I’m going to pass you to our support team to help with further troubleshooting - I apologize for the inconvenience here, and you should get an email directly from them! 

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Posting an update after getting some help on this - the card links open in a new tab when the Chrome extension becomes inactive. If I refresh the page, they go back to opening in the popout. If I keep the page open and selected, the extension will not time out. This is what we wanted, because we wanted all links to open in popout windows while conducting live events (because it’s faster than opening in a new tab). So the process is to open the card containing the links, and leave it open during the event. Works perfectly!