Authoring Workflows 🌊 Seeking Product Feedback!

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Hi Guru Community! 👋

Kate here, Product Designer at Guru. Our product team is in discovery phase of understanding more deeply the workflows that Guru authors go through in order to get a piece of content published. That could mean a lot of different things based on you and your team.

Would you be interested in spending 30min with us and giving us insight into your content creation workflow? If so, please comment below and I’ll follow up. Thanks so much! 

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Hi @Kate Staaf ,

I’m not sure if this could be nested under the workflow umbrella but for out IT software documentation we are looking for a workflow where you can publish unverified documentation and it needs to get verified by somebody from our IT software team. It would be awesome if we could have time triggers that keep our team verifying content.

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@Maarten Van der Straeten, yes that type of use case is what we are investigating how to support with this project!