Customisable Guru Dashboard / Homepage

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It would be awesome if admins could customise the cards and panels on the Guru dashboard for different user groups! For example, the Sales user group might see a panel highlighting the most popular cards among Sales, or Engineering users could see a list of product cards.

Currently, the panels on the dashboard homepage are fixed: all users see the same activity feed, their recently viewed cards, and any pending tasks. Perhaps there is an opportunity here for us to customise the dashboard to feed more high value content directly to the people who need it most, rather than generic popular cards or generic new cards.


I 2nd this request!

Would love to highlight cards for specific teams, or even allow the user to set their own favorites to show on the dashboard. 

This is a great idea @Grace Taylor 

We’d like to be able to showcase/highlight must-read cards. We’d also like to show top users, trending cards etc. And also add some of our own HTML and content. We’re after a more engaging/new-style dashboard.

Could the dashboard be configurable in such as way as being able to start with a few templates and drag/drop blocks. A bit like a Squarespace website?


Totally with @Marc Cooper  and the others here.

We’d like to use Guru as an intranet / knowledge base and I think it’s important to have a more beautiful and functional frontend so that even not so tech savvy team members like to open the knowledge base.

Bumping this! Are there any other Guru users that would be interested in seeing a customisable dashboard? 

@Taylor Paschal Your team might be interested in this too!

I agree. It would be ideal to be able to only have visibility into viewing our Collection only rather than seeing the dashboard breakdown across all the collections. This is currently causing some confusion as to what my team and I need to action. I think this would be a great idea to have a customisable dashboard.