Indicate when two people are editing a Card

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When in Edit mode on a card, it would be helpful to have an indicator so that if someone else tries to edit the same card, they don't overwrite what you're working on. Literally just had it happen where some quick changes were needed and two of us were on the same cards without knowing it and I had to go back and re-verify.

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I'm Sandy, the product manager for card creation and editing functionality. Thank you for the feedback! We’ve heard a lot of feedback about “multiplayer” editing, as well as indicators on whether a card is already being edited or viewed. We don't have plans to prioritize solving for this challenge you're having, so I'm leaving this post in "Open" status to keep gathering input from other users.

I’ll revisit this post again when we’re ready to evaluate which enhancements to add to our roadmap. :)

@Siobhan Our team has run into this challenge on many occasions.

To prevent each other from encountering this issue, we’re experimenting with a system involving a tag. Before editing a card, you check for the tag, EditInProgress for example. If you see this tag on the card already, it indicates that someone is currently editing the card. If you don’t see the tag, you’re free to add the tag yourself and begin making your own edits to the card. Once you’re done editing the card, you remove the tag so that your teammates know the card isn’t being edited.

This is a lot of overhead to have to implement and it’s troublesome when someone forgets to add or remove the tag, but it is a solution to a certain degree. Would love to hear if your team has developed a different method to avoid the problem.

We’ve been running into this issue a bit as well, where multiple people are trying to edit all at once, and it creates issues with the Revisions and which changes override others. Would love some sort of indication that the Card is being edited to avoid that.

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I’m happy to share we’re working on this as part of our collaborative editing and shared drafts project. No time line to share just yet, we’ll be back with more info on that soon! 


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Great news - earlier this week we began releasing the new collaborative editing and shared drafts experience which lets authors see each other when they’re in the same draft. If you don’t have the new experience yet you will soon, we hope it makes creating and updating Guru Cards much easier 🎉