Release Note

Inline comments are live on published Cards

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Inline comments are live on published Cards

Hi Community 👋 

I’m back with an update that I hope will make some of your days: inline comments are now live on published Cards! We’ve seen feedback about this (with over 80 votes) shared in the Community so we’re happy to announce that now users are able to attach their comments to specific content within a Card. This feature works similarly to other apps your teams are likely using, so we hope it makes communication much easier.

To leave an inline comment, highlight the text you’d like to comment on. A small pop-up menu will appear above the highlighted area. Click the pop-up to open a comment box to the right of the Card content and reveal other open comments on the Card. When leaving a comment, you can choose to tag another user or group to alert them to your comment, just like in the previous experience. Inline comments can be attached to text elements (lists, Card titles, headers, paragraphs, etc.) tables, and code blocks. 

With this move away from general Card comments, existing open comments have been attached to the title of the Card so they are easy to find. Resolved comments now appear in a new tab under Card history. Comments can be resolved and deleted in the same way they were in the previous comment experience. Notifications of comments and replies to comments work in the same way they used to as well.

Learn more about the new commenting experience in our Help Center. 

We’re hard at work on bringing inline comments into drafts, stay tuned for that update later this fall!


Note: we’ll release this new functionality over the course of about a week to make sure everything is going smoothly so if you don’t see any changes yet, hang in there, you will soon!


So looking forward to leveraging this feature! Great work, Guru team 🎉

Thanks for the update! If we have comments shut off on our account, will in-line comments also be shut off? 

@Reba Mitchell, yes, inline comments for published cards will abide by the workspace setting for comments. If comments are disabled you won’t see any inline commenting functionality on Cards.