New: filters for search results in the web app

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New: filters for search results in the web app

Hi everyone, 

We’re very happy to announce the release of filters for search results in the Guru web app! This is a feature that you’ve requested, so it’s extra-fun for us to let you know this enhancement is live. Now, when you use the search function in the web app, you’ll see a variety of filter options on the right side of your search results. This update makes filtering search results faster and more intuitive. You can now filter your results by:

  • Collections: you’ll be able select multiple options from the Collections where matches were found.
  • Tags: select multiple options from the top 100 tags found on Cards in the search results.
  • Author: see Cards written by a specific person.
  • Verified cards: see only Cards that are verified.
  • Favorites: see only Cards that you’ve favorited (this is a pre-existing feature that has been moved into the new experience). 

Ready to give it a try? Here’s how it works:

  • Type your search terms in the search bar and hit enter.
  • On the search results page, choose as many filters as you want to target what you’re looking for.
  • Results will automatically appear as you select filters, and filter options will automatically update as you make selections.
  • Easily clear results by de-selecting individual filters or using the “Clear all” button.
  • Want more white space to see search results? You can hide the filters menu.

In addition to these new filters, very (very) soon you’ll also have the ability to save or share a filtered search by bookmarking or sharing the URL of the search results page. You may have noticed this previously worked for searches filtered by tag, once this update is released all of the new filters will also be part of the URL 😄. Note, if you share a URL for your own filtered results with someone else, their permissions will determine what results they see, not yours. 

Learn more about search filters in the Guru Help Center. Happy searching!

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