New: filters for search results in the web app

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New: filters for search results in the web app

Hi everyone, 

We’re very happy to announce the release of filters for search results in the Guru web app! This is a feature that you’ve requested, so it’s extra-fun for us to let you know this enhancement is live. Now, when you use the search function in the web app, you’ll see a variety of filter options on the right side of your search results. This update makes filtering search results faster and more intuitive. You can now filter your results by:

  • Collections: you’ll be able select multiple options from the Collections where matches were found.
  • Tags: select multiple options from the top 100 tags found on Cards in the search results.
  • Author: see Cards written by a specific person.
  • Verified cards: see only Cards that are verified.
  • Favorites: see only Cards that you’ve favorited (this is a pre-existing feature that has been moved into the new experience). 

Ready to give it a try? Here’s how it works:

  • Type your search terms in the search bar and hit enter.
  • On the search results page, choose as many filters as you want to target what you’re looking for.
  • Results will automatically appear as you select filters, and filter options will automatically update as you make selections.
  • Easily clear results by de-selecting individual filters or using the “Clear all” button.
  • Want more white space to see search results? You can hide the filters menu.

In addition to these new filters, very (very) soon you’ll also have the ability to save or share a filtered search by bookmarking or sharing the URL of the search results page. You may have noticed this previously worked for searches filtered by tag, once this update is released all of the new filters will also be part of the URL 😄. Note, if you share a URL for your own filtered results with someone else, their permissions will determine what results they see, not yours. 

Learn more about search filters in the Guru Help Center. Happy searching!

Hi Laura and team! 

This is a great update with a lot of potential. 🔥 I was wondering if it would be possible to create a similar filter for the browser extension as well? My support team predominately uses the extension while helping customers on chat or email (through Zendesk), and it’s not super popular for them to open the web app to search so I’m afraid for us, it’s probably not going to be used very much.

We have a lot of content and though we have trained them on how to search Guru effectively (including filtering with tags, collections, etc), we’ve had feedback that it’s difficult to remember it all. Being able to see the tags available to them in the extension would be an absolute game changer! 🙌🏼

On a slightly different note, it would also be amazing if we could turn the search result cap off. Part of my work in knowledge management is to audit our current resources and make updates when changes occur, even for small things like updating language. Being able to search for the keyword and see every time it’s used throughout our abundant collections would make my life so much easier! As it stands, I can only see 50 cards, so I have to click through individual cards in their home collections to ensure I catch every instance of what needs updated. Turning the cap off and using the search feature instead would be chefs kiss. 😌

That’s it for now – thanks for reading! 

Hi Laura & Team!

Would it be possible to enable filtering by board? We want teams to be able to find the content that is related to their team (which we organize by boards today).

Thank you!

@Steph Schulz, hi and thank you for sharing what would help your team!

We do plan to bring a version of this improvement to the extension but I don’t have a timeline for when that will happen, there is some other work for the extension that’s ahead of this. If you’re up for it, if you create a feedback post by copying that part of your comment, I can keep track of it and provide updates on that work when we have something concrete. I can say with certainty we won’t be working on this until next year.   

Regarding seeing more than 50 cards in results, this is something I’ve heard a little bit before. We looked at doing it as part of this update but it’s fairly complex given the many ways we bring data together to create the results list that’s currently displayed. It’s something we’ll continue to think about but it won’t likely change in the near-term. Thinking about the specific use case you described, would a find and replace tool be helpful? We have an open feedback post for that too, where a partial solution using a spreadsheet and Card Manager is shared. It might at least take care of some of your workflows!  


Hi @Renee Lawlor! We do expect to bring more filters to the results list in the future, there’s even an active post for adding a boards filter. I recommend voting on that so you can get any updates when/if there are developments there. I agree it’d be useful!

Is there a card template that we can use when we announce the enhanced search filters?

Hi @Linda Moore👋  Love that you’re thinking about alerting your team to Guru product updates that will enhance their experience. While there isn’t a current template card for announcing this feature, I can share a couple of recommendations that may help. 

  • Summarize the text portion of the product update to what’s most relevant for your teams
  • include the screenshot above
    • Bonus points for running a couple of searches in your own Guru instance and including those screenshots instead of ours 👏
  • Consider sending an announcement to the groups that use search the most for their day-to-day activities

I hope this helps! I’m also sharing this with my team in case there is a possibility of creating public card templates for new product releases. In the meantime, hopefully helps show how we recommend alerting your teams to new features in Guru. 

Hi @Cassie Haughey If there is the opportunity for Guru to continue making public cards for new and impactful end user experience updates as was previously done in July (and shared out) in this public card, it sure would be a nice to have!   Thank you for providing your recommendations for this current update! Thank you for all that you do!


hi @Cassie Haughey  My apologies the link in previous post was incorrect, here is the example from July https://app.getguru.com/card/c48y9Lzi