Custom prompts -- what are your favorites?

  • 17 October 2023
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Hey everyone 👋

With our recent launch, Admins now have the ability to fully customize the Assist actions for authors across their Guru Workspace. So we’ve been thinking – what custom prompts are you using to build out your library for your SMEs?

Personally, I’ve been loving prompts as a way to improve existing content. Some of my favorites are:

  • Find and replace (insert existing keyword here) with (insert new keyword here)
  • Add emojis [in the body of the text, headers, etc].

We’ve curated some best practices for writing custom prompts here in our Help Center, but want to hear from you. 

What custom prompts have you tested to make content better, faster? 


5 replies

@Steph Hardy Thanks for getting this conversation going!

Something I’m learning with generative AI is that it takes practice to figure out what to ask it to do. Our Help Center article with Best Practices for Assist Custom Prompts sums up HOW to write a prompt well.

Prompts that I’ve been using and refining are ones centered around documenting my team's best practices and processes. 

For example: 

  • Share best practices for optimizing [process/system]
    • I slot these into PRO TIP areas and even work into my first few sentences on a Card where I frame what the Card is all about. 
  • Provide instructions on [task] for beginners
    • I use this to get formatting down and an idea of steps, and then insert my specific info. It gets me over that formatting hump.
  • Find and replace (insert existing keyword here) with (insert new keyword here) **MY FAVORITE!
    • This is one of those tedious tasks that irks me! But now I don’t mind :) 
    • I do a control F to see how many times the word appears, add the prompt, and then control F to make sure it’s caught all of them. If it hasn’t, it’s a quick scan to do final clean up. 

Do folks have common ones they are using? Would love to add to more ideas to my repertoire!


Hello! Is there any chance that you will increase the number of characters that you can insert in a prompt? We are trying to add some guidelines for the AI to help us edit processes that come from our Product team, but 500 characters is very limiting

Hey there @Bradley De Abreu Jon here from the Guru product team. 👋 Thank you for sharing this feedback! Very much appreciated. 


I’m sorry to hear that the current 500-character limit is causing some friction for you. We're definitely open to expanding this character limit, especially after receiving feedback on the value it would add for you. I'll make sure to relay your request to the entire product team. 

In the meantime, if you wouldn't mind sharing the specific prompt length you're aiming for, that would be incredibly insightful for us. And if you’re comfortable with it, even sharing the actual prompt itself. Understanding your use case better will greatly inform our decisions moving forward. Your input is immensely appreciated!




Hello Jon! 

Thanks so much for your response. 

We’d like to have a character limit that is at least 1000. Since posting this comment I’ve been in touch with the Customer support team as we faced issues when using the custom prompts even with less than 500 characters. They’ve advised that the AI is not yet at the stage where it can apply lots of different information in a prompt to a draft. This may be something that needs to be worked on before increasing the character limit. 



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Hi @Bradley De Abreu, jumping in here to share we’ve released support for admins to create custom prompts for Collection owners and authors up to 2,000 characters in length (under Settings > Assist).Thanks again for speaking up about this!