Leveraging surveys to measure your Guru success đź“‹

  • 13 June 2022
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What questions do you have about leveraging surveys to capture your Guru success? 


Conducting an internal survey allows you to get direct quotes, comments, and feedback from Guru users about their Guru experience. This could be as simple as starting a Slack thread in a team channel or DMing some of your top Guru users.


Are you considering implementing surveys to understand the impact Guru has had for your team? What questions do you have about getting started? 


Drop them below! If you’re exploring this topic, consider leveraging Slack apps like Polly to run polls and surveys in specific Slack channels.

5 replies

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@Madeline Bidwell just sent a great one during a recent training! Mind sharing?

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@Jag Gill has had great success with his pre and post-launch surveys!

@Callie Rojewski I just did a Guru refresher training and included these poll questions via the Slido integration in GDocs.

  1. Are you already using the Chrome Extension to search Guru?
  2. Are you using the Slack Extension? (Do you get slack alerts from Guru?)
  3. On a scale of 1-5 (5 being very easy, 1 being very hard), how easy is it for you to use Guru to find info you need?
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Thanks Steph! @Madeline Bidwell I haven’t heard of the slido integration into Gdocs - that’s a great location. Is the Gdoc where people are getting this survey an enablement training doc? Would be curious to hear what you included!

@Callie Rojewski - You can use via its own website, or it integrates into Zoom, WebEx, GDocs (and probably more). I was training via a Google Doc so it made sense to use Slido that way. 


It’s a pre-built survey or quiz. When you’re presenting the slides, it brings up a code and website for the learners to go to, that’s where they fill in their answers. Attaching a screenshot.