Tips for creating and engaging a Knowledge Council?

  • 7 October 2021
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Hey everyone! As you may have seen, this month’s Guru Deep Dive is all about Knowledge Councils. 


A Knowledge Council is a group of representatives from each of your teams that is using Guru. This Group will meet regularly to maintain Guru at the highest level and ensure it is serving the needs of each department. 


Knowledge Councils are a great way to distribute ownership to manage and maintain Guru over time, but it can be a challenge to rally the troops and keep folks engaged. 


What challenges do you have when it comes to creating and managing a knowledge council? What would you want to learn more about?


If you are a part of a knowledge council, what tips would you give to others looking to create their own council?


Check out the recap of our Deep Dive on building a knowledge council and share your additional tips and questions below!

3 replies

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Hey @Michelle Williams @John McKoll - he/him @Siobhan Hyser @Sarah W  have any of you experimented with knowledge councils at your orgs? Would love to hear if it’s been a good fit, what’s worked, and what hasn’t worked!

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What challenges do you have when it comes to creating and managing a knowledge council? 

I think mainly challenges around providing relevant data and case studies to raise stakeholder awareness.

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Yes @Caspar Hübinger , great call out! Updating folks on the ROI of their efforts will help engage your knowledge council around the importance of their work (and what their next steps should be).


Some analytic metrics to discuss with your Knowledge Council: 

  • Review your current Adoption Rate and Trust Score and how you are tracking to your goal rates
  • Review Searches Producing No Results and have knowledge council assign Authors to fill these gaps with new content
  • Review Most Popular Cards, shout out knowledge council leads involved in those cards and amplify wins to the team by posting the Card in Slack and tagging frequent users of that Card


Automations for Async Teamwork: 

Consider using Guru workflows or scheduling analytics reports to keep your knowledge council up-to-date!

P.S. If you want to learn more about automating Guru Workflows, take a look at this recent Deep Dive recap.