Guru Anniversary Challenge: Quotes from your team

  • 22 February 2022
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Happy Guru Anniversary! Congratulations on one whole year with Guru, AND finding yourself at step ten of the Guru Anniversary Challenge. 


This step is about gathering quotes from your team about Guru!


How do team members feel about Guru?


What do your coworkers say about Guru? Gathering quotes is such a feel good exercise because takes all the numbers around the impact you’ve created with Guru and makes it feel REAL.


Here are some simple, easy ways to go about this: 

  1. DM your top power users / authors. Remember the folks you highlighted in the Day 8 and Day 9 challenges? Consider asking your  Power users with the most Guru interactions and Guru Authors how they feel about Guru to find a quote. 
  2. Post a survey in your team chat tool. This could be as simple as starting a Slack thread in a team channel. Often times Guru customers have channels for questions to source content for Guru Cards, or channels for their Knowledge Councils. Meet your team members where they are at and get a quick round of feedback! You could also leverage Slack bots like Polly that help you run polls and surveys in specific channels. 
  3. Pull from past posts/surveys/feedback. If you’ve done any of these in the past, now is a good time to revisit that data and pull quotes and highlights. 


Sample Questions: 

What do you like best about Guru? 

How did Guru support your work in 2021?

If you lost access to Guru next year, describe what your life would look like?


I started a thread in Slack. We’ll see what folks say! 

Looking for more ideas/curious how others tackle this? Check out this Community Post: 


Other Resources:

Sample Guru Survey (often used post roll-out)


Don’t forget to share findings after completing the Guru Anniversary Challenge in this post to grab your exclusive badge!

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