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Inline comments are live on published Cards

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Inline comments are live on published Cards

Hi Community 👋 

I’m back with an update that I hope will make some of your days: inline comments are now live on published Cards! We’ve seen feedback about this (with over 80 votes) shared in the Community so we’re happy to announce that now users are able to attach their comments to specific content within a Card. This feature works similarly to other apps your teams are likely using, so we hope it makes communication much easier.

To leave an inline comment, highlight the text you’d like to comment on. A small pop-up menu will appear above the highlighted area. Click the pop-up to open a comment box to the right of the Card content and reveal other open comments on the Card. When leaving a comment, you can choose to tag another user or group to alert them to your comment, just like in the previous experience. Inline comments can be attached to text elements (lists, Card titles, headers, paragraphs, etc.) tables, and code blocks. 

With this move away from general Card comments, existing open comments have been attached to the title of the Card so they are easy to find. Resolved comments now appear in a new tab under Card history. Comments can be resolved and deleted in the same way they were in the previous comment experience. Notifications of comments and replies to comments work in the same way they used to as well.

Learn more about the new commenting experience in our Help Center

We’re hard at work on bringing inline comments into drafts, stay tuned for that update later this fall!

So looking forward to leveraging this feature! Great work, Guru team 🎉

Thanks for the update! If we have comments shut off on our account, will in-line comments also be shut off? 

@Reba Mitchell, yes, inline comments for published cards abide by the workspace setting for comments. If comments are disabled you won’t see any inline commenting functionality on Cards. 

Hey @Laura Desmond-Black a little feedback here - is there any chance that when I open a comment from the Tasks - Mentions, I will be redirected directly to the part where the comment is instead of having to scroll through the card to find where the comment is? It’s not the best user experience to be honest.

Also, our CC agents have already provided feedback that to have the resolved comments hidden in Card history is, well, too hidden and also means more clicks and therefore more time spent = increase in AHT of a case.

Let me know if I should raise this as a product feedback for other users to upvote if they share my point of view on this. Thanks!

Hi @Lucia Delicova!

We have a few tickets in the backlog related to the first item: we’re planning to make updates to both comment notifications and what happens when opening cards from Tasks > Mentions to bring the related comment into view so no additional feedback post is needed for that. I don’t have a timeline but it is high on the priority list. Thanks for the nudge :) 

We don’t have any plans to change the resolved comments experience so it would be helpful to have a feedback post on that. If you could share a bit about how often and in what cases your agents check resolved comments in that post that would be very helpful. Thank you!

Hey there LDB! 

A couple of things - first, everyone LOVES the feature. Hugely well received, and so far it’s being really well utilized. 

I have noticed, however, that sometimes comments are disappearing when I click Save, as though I had cilcked Cancel instead. At first I thought this was my misclick, but I’ve seen it happen enough times when I’m very sure that I’m clicking correctly that I think something might be bugged. Unfortunately, I am really not sure how to reproduce it because it seems pretty random on my end. 

Other than that, this is a huuuuge win! 

Hi @Cecilia M Ellison!

I’m glad to hear your team is enjoying inline comments, that’s awesome!

I’m sorry to hear about the disappearing comments though that is frustrating 😟, thanks for letting us know. We haven’t had other reports of that yet, but I’ll keep an eye out and we’ll do some extra testing next week to see if we can find anything. If you do by chance discover any noticeable pattern please reach out to Support so we can investigate. 

@Cecilia M Ellison is there a chance you were clicking outside the comment box when this was happening? If so we just released a small update to allow in progress comment and reply content to be preserved so that you can look at or reply to other comments or move around a long card before saving the comment/reply. 

@Cecilia M Ellison is there a chance you were clicking outside the comment box when this was happening? If so we just released a small update to allow in progress comment and reply content to be preserved so that you can look at or reply to other comments or move around a long card before saving the comment/reply. 

It’s possible? Not sure! I will let you know if it happens again, I haven’t noticed it recently. :) 

Sounds good, I’m glad it hasn’t been around lately, hopefully it stays away 🤞🏻

@Laura Desmond-Black Looking forward to these. We are testing these a bit, but are noticing that we are not getting notifications when @mentioning in the draft comments. Should I submit a support ticket or are you hearing this elsewhere (unless there is a much longer delay).


Also for clarity on the guidance in the help center, it says “Individual team members and Groups must be a part of the Collection the Card is in to be @mentioned. If you @mention your entire workspace.” Only peoples and groups with Author roles, correct, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to get to the draft?

@Laura Desmond-Black submitting a ticket as we are still having issues getting notifications of @mentioning on draft comments. But any clarity you can bring to the second question here? For comments on drafts of cards, would you only be able to @mention an entire workspace if the collection is open to everyone to author?

Hey @Lynn Miller, thanks for calling this out, great question. You’re correct, the draft of the published Card would need to from a Collection where the “All Members” Group has at least author access. I’ve updated the documentation to reflect this - thank you!