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I'd really appreciate being able to only give draft + edit access to my SMEs but the power to publish would only be by me and potentially in the future, a team of qualified doc owners. *I'm really struggling to stay on top of what my SMEs are creating + their work is usually not formatted well / not condensed well for reading which is where I come in with my technical writing skills!*
I know from the thread that Nora mentioned this work got reprioritized, so I'd love to know if there's any updates on this. This really would pave the way for smoother team publishing flows.

I love this idea - definitely would make it easy for small teams to have more control over rolling out Guru to a lot of people
Yes! Something I struggle with is how other people format and present information. I really want to empower more people to create content and contribute at least in little ways, but a big part of my internal knowledge strategy is keeping content consistent and easy to digest. Unfortunately, these two initiatives do not go hand in hand, and things do fall through the cracks if I don't review them as soon as they're published (+ I really dislike jumping on a freshly published card just to change everything about the formatting)
This may be way off base, but we use the heck out of templates to keep content consistent. We have a handful of card types with a template for each one, and that keeps things formatted similarly when new folks add info (granted, we have very few contributors, so I'm not sure how this would work in a larger setting).

As far as keeping content invisible until it's been verified, we use a private collection for content creation. Only contributors have access and the collection has board groups for each collection in our Guru, which are divided by boards that mimic the boards inside our Guru collections so info can be created and verified in its proper place before it's released to the whole department.

It's a pain when we need to move the verified card into a visible collection, so what y'all are suggesting would be 100 times better, but that's how we manage it for now if that's helpful at all. :slightlysmilingface:
I love the original idea, @bwayne, would definitely make life simpler to have this level of permissioning.

@kaitlin thanks for the workaround idea, that's very helpful and I just might do something similar in our instance.

Hi all!

I'm Sandy, the product manager for card creation and editing functionality. This particular challenge is in our backlog and part of our research this year. Since we don't have it listed explicitly on roadmap right now, it’s not considered prioritized. That said, I'm going to leave this post in "Open" status so we can keep gathering input.

I’ll revisit this post when we have more information. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

This functionality is critical for us. We are in a heavily regulated industry, and can’t let content be published until it’s been verified by legal. We would love to have a process where any user can make a change, but it’s not published until verified by the appropriate parties.

This would be SO huge for us. Yes, please!

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Hi All,


Raising this issue again. Does Guru have on the roadmap an approval workflow where, for example, someone can confirm content (maybe Verify) and another Publish? This is coming up a lot in our organization. 




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This feature would be great! Especially when multiple departments need to collaborate on the content of a card

Hi everyone, 

Laura from the Guru Product Management team here. We appreciate your continued feedback on this topic and the details about what would be helpful and why. We haven’t prioritized improvements in this area yet but we’ll keep the post open and let you know if anything changes after we complete our next big push in the authoring space which includes collaborative editing, shared drafts, and inline comments. Thank you! 

As you may have seen in the recent roadmap update we’ve begun work on “authoring workflows.” Based on that I’ll update the status of this post to “Accepted” 🎉 🥳

We’re very early in this effort so there aren’t many details to share beyond these two things: 

  • Our strategy for approaching this is to provide a set of options from which each customer can build their own authoring workflow(s) which may or may not include approvals. This way you can design what you need instead of working with what we decide an approval workflow should look like.
  • Additionally, we’ll allow for more flexibility in terms of assigning which actions users can take in regard to creating and maintaining content. We understand that for many customers the current Author role provides too much access to be able to assign it freely.

We’re looking forward to making these improvements, thank you for sharing your feedback!


Some additional feedback from our users:

Having more flexible, layered verification workflows would help in general - some of the things I'd like to see:

  • one off consultation & approval from a specific team/user in a subject matter expert or management capacity
  • keeping a record of which SMEs have knowledge applicable to a particular topic
  • formal multistep reviews of sensitive processes like GDPR deletion
  • requesting involvement of a professional technical writer to help clean up a card



Hi @Marie Frei! We are very excited about seeing the movement on this! Is there a date for when this feature will be available, or at least an estimated time frame?

@Renee Lawlor The ETA is today :) 

Publishing workflows are live! 🎉 Read more about it in our latest product update.